Friday, November 9, 2007

And the winner is.......

We spent an hour or so setting up the event. My office houses the only TV in the building, but was too small to accommodate the expected numbers, so we relocated it to the Boardroom. We had to buy a TV ariel, as there was no socket in the room, and spent a good 25 minutes trying to achieve a watchable signal. We eventually managed to get a grainy picture with perfect sound, and called it quits at that. We emailed the whole office with an invitation to witness the big event, and we gathered, about half of the office expectantly waiting, listening and squinting quizzically at the fuzzy outlines of Jackie Bird, John Beattie and Michael Kelly. We chatted expectantly amongst ourselves, expressed our hopes for those in the room who had recently bought houses in the East End and waited. The atmosphere built slowly and steadily as we moved towards decision time. Pictures of grainy chaos and confusion. Unexpected silences as hesitant presenters pondered while the gallery shouted in panicked voices in their ears. BBC Scotland only went and missed the bloody announcement didn't they? Good grief. We all trudged back to our desks to check on the internet to check whether Glasgow had actually won. Show over. I hope they're already planning for the start of the 100 metres by 2014 or they might miss that too. Muppets.

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