Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Top 10 Channel 4 Programmes

Given Channel 4's birthday this weekend, I thought a list would be appropriate. Here's my Top 10 Channel 4 Programmes of the last two and a half decades: 1. Channel 4 News The best news show on TV. Better presented, and more informed coverage of the widest variety of stories from all over the world. 2. Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights I can watch the DVDs over and over again. In slow motion. With director's commentary. 3. The Word It was the epitome of cool. Nirvana debuting 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on international TV. The time when Kim Deal from the Breeders dropped her trousers during 'Cannonball'. Mark Lamarr becoming a liberal icon by telling Shabba Ranks that he was 'talking crap' when he came up with homophobic nonsence. 4. Teachers We all knew the characters. They were our friends and they were living our lives. And it was funny. And had cool tunes. 5. Drop the Dead Donkey Did for journalism what LA Law did for the legal profession. 6. Father Ted Catchphrase TV. The mainstreaming of non-sweary swearwords. Feck. 7. Shameless Sick and wrong. And brilliant. 8. Brass Eye Chris Morris is a genious. This was has last truly accessable TV series before Jam. 9. The Sopranos I know this is cheating because it's an HBO series, but the Sopranos was event TV in my households for years. I have watched every episode, and loved them all. Even the last one..... 10. West Wing Everyone in politics wants it to be like the West Wing. Fact. I wanted to be Toby.


  1. thought it was Donita Sparks from L7 who dropped her kecks on The Word?

    I wouldn't want you to get sued by Kim Deal or anything...

  2. Sorry if I made a mistake, my knowledge of partial nudity on late night Channel 4 programmes clearly doesn't rival yours........ ;)