Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Tortoise and the Hare

The pressure is mounting as we edge closer to the big day. Everywhere I go I’m reminded of it, and it’s the one thing that everyone wants to talk about. The logistics of the event are fast becoming a nightmare as plans change at the last minute and the associated costs mount up. I have family issues to deal with about it, trying to keep everyone happy, but knowing that the only outcome is one where no one gets their preferred option. The stress is building up too, and I’m beginning to feel properly under pressure for the first time. With only 9 days to go until I get married, I’m still more worried about Scotland playing Italy on Saturday. The wedding will be a doddle in comparison. Debbie’s in charge. I’ve got tickets, but not for behind the goal at the Rangers end rather than in the North Stand as before. I’m going with my Dad, but know that my Mum/Brother/Sister/Finance all want to go in his place. I’m going early to take in the atmosphere get pished, but am worried about the fact that I need to get packed for the Wedding/Honeymoon. And that’s before the football starts. Alex McLeish should have faith in his team and his own ability. Previous, almost abortive, posts have set out the reasons that a 4-1-4-1 formation will suit Scotland’s needs best, and we should stick to this on Saturday. McLeish picked a team to win in Georgia and we got comprehensively beaten by a team with two 17 year olds in it. We need to stick to what we’re good at and that’s staying organised and taking advantage of set-pieces and the counter attack. There’s room for both McFadden and Miller in such a formation, although Lee McCulloch may have cause to feel hard done by. We can’t chase the game against Italy, we’ve got to contain and frustrate them and be ready to take our chances. Easy does it. We need to be like the tortoise, not the all too eager hare. Only 56 hours to go.

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