Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 good reasons not to blog in a week:

1. Football Manager is too addictive When you manage, against all expectations, to take Sheffield United to the Championship title in your first season, then guide Man City to the top of the Premiership and the quarter finals of European competition the following season, who wouldn’t want to slip an extra couple of hours in? 2. It’s Barack Obama’s fault Having decided to have a second go at reading ‘The Audacity of Hope’, it’s a lot better than I remember the first time around. So when I’m not Guiding Man City through a tricky away tie in the League Cup to Derby, I’m catching up on the thoughts of America’s favourite next president. 3. I’ve been ill It’s a chest infection, I’ve got antibiotics. Nobody argues with the “I’m ill, I’ve got antibiotics” excuse for general lethargy..... 4. Not redecorating a house you want to sell The “I’m ill, I’ve got antibiotics” excuse even works on sceptical wives who’ve invited their brother through for the weekend to help with painting the house. Too ill to paint = too ill to blog. 5. I’ve sold my car For £77.50. But joining a Car Club at long last seems to be working out OK, at least in the short term. Although the idiot who did some gardening in the front seats of the car in Waterloo Place last weekend put a slight dampener on my first hire. 6. I took a Jungian psychology test for work Apparently I’m a fairly classic ENFP (Extrovert-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceptive), but with an out-of-preference Questioning rather than accommodating type. I blame my old job ;) If only someone had told me that I can be “typically tactful, but can be sceptical, confrontational, and outspoken” in addition to the fact that I “may find that your questions are sometimes misinterpreted as oppositional and contentious” before my appraisal at work last week, and then I could have used it in my defence....... 7. I’ve been watching the Sopranos Thank God More4 and Sky+, a combination of sheer wholesome goodness. It’s still as good the second time around. 8. And ‘The Wire’ Thanks to ‘Call the Cops’ in the Guardian Guide for this. This is how TV is supposed to be. 9. My three mobile USB internet card thing is rubbish It just eats data, so a £10 top-up runs out in a few days of surfing on the train. And the service is not as reliable as they promised. So coupled with the fact that FirstScotrail are not as enlightened as National Express East Coast when it comes to free WiFi, I’ve not had the chance to blog from the train as much. Which is a shame, as occasional moments of sunshine like this morning’s visit by Mark, the world’s happiest train conductor, (seriously, it’s amazing how others around you perk up a bit when you’re just outwardly happy and nice to people) definitely deserve recording. 10. Who remembers their own New Year resolutions by the end of February anyway? I didn’t. But I do now.

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