Friday, February 1, 2008

I was wrong

Twice. Firstly, on the US election, just like Joe Strummer, I was wrong - Rudy can fail. Although my post Iowa bet on Hillary to win the nomination looks depressingly accurate......... The mainstream media have had their way and forced both contests down to a straight choice: McCain v Romney and Clinton v Obama. Roll on Super-Duper tuesday! Secondly, my default position on Big Brother contestants has been that they will be self serving arseholes who deserve contempt from the society that they crave recognintion from. Maybe the majority are, but that John Loughton from Big Brother's Celebrity Hijack is a genuinely nice, thoughtful guy. I met him last night at a work event and he was self-effacing, polite, and used the event to promote others, not himself. Despite my preconceptions, I liked him. Good on the big guy, he's an inspiration to the larger man interested in politics!

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