Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today was a good day

Today was a good day for many reasons, including:
  • The weather was good. Who doesn’t feel better on a sunny day?
  • I had a good meeting at work. Imagine, a meeting that actually served its purpose and was attended by people you respect, with some clearly defined outcomes that will help me in my job
  • I got to the final 2 players in a big poker game online
  • Debbie and I are still definitely in the honeymoon period....
  • BT’s customer service improved significantly, with the reconnection of my home phone
  • I got a letter from BT (how 20th century!) confirming that I was to receive the £5 off my bill Debbie was promised on the phone last week.

So thank you to Ben and Janet at BT for resolving my situation, and sorry to the BT Customer Services person Debbie spoke to last week who I thought was just useless. She clearly did what she said she’d do. All BT need now is the systems to match the people and everyone will be a satisfied customer.

So, did I mention that it took me 25 minutes on the phone to book my car in for a service this week.............

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