Saturday, March 15, 2008

The challenges of power

I was sad to read this week that both the Tartan Hero and Granite City blogs are to, albeit temporarily, stop blogging. I know both Mark and Grant and they've both produced some good work, some funny, some interesting and some thought provoking. I always wondered why it seemed to me that supporters of opposition parties semed to be far more active (and effective) in the blogosphere in Scotland and England. Think about it - Iain Dale and Guido v Labour Home or Recess Monkey. No contest if you're looking for quality blogging. In Scotland, Labour only really seems to have Kez and Terry Kelly who are read widely by non-supporters (for wildly different reasons!), or am I missing someone? Perhaps if the election of Mark and Grant as Councillors last year has put paid to their blogging, perhaps opposition will mean a new wave of quality Labour and Lib Dem blogging in Scotland?

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