Monday, March 17, 2008

“I want to gaze at sunsets”

This is a beautiful and thought-provoking piece of radio.

I believe in a work ethic, and that my work is not only important to me but is an integral part of who I am. But after five years of knocking my pan in for the job, my boss and (hopefully) the greater good I now have a different perspective on my work, my life and politics.

When I was drunk enough at my stag night last year to seek answers from my father on the most important emotionally driven issues men always have trouble asking each other, I asked him for one piece of advice to help me as a married man. He told me to always put my family first. Not his family, or my mother’s family. My new family.

That simple advice helped me complete the journey I’d been on since I left my previous job.

I’d learned to appreciate my life, and understood that it wasn’t only OK to do things that I enjoyed, like playing golf and getting home in time to eat a meal with Debbie, it was essential.

So here’s to putting your priorities in order. Gazing at sunsets, and putting your family first.

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