Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coming to terms with my inner middle-class self

The first in an irregular series:

1. It’s been impossible to live my middle class lifestyle while keeping my green guilt in check, so one of them has to give. I’m therefore going to buy a new car at the first available opportunity. The Car Club isn’t working for me: the cars either don’t work or aren’t available when I want them. What’s the point of walking 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back to hire a car for 2 hours?

2. And I’m going to buy the biggest car I can afford so I can keep my golf clubs in the boot.

3. The Edinburgh Golf Club is not great, as the greens on the public courses are crap and I’m blaming them for the spate of 3-putting. I will work out how to blame the quality of the course maintenance on my hook later. I want to join a private golf club and am willing to pay for the privilege.

4. I’m looking forward to living in a big house with a garden and dining kitchen. Probably in Perth. We won’t be out partying in the big city at the weekend, but will be able to host fabulous dinner parties. I can invite people from the golf club.

5. I’m not adversely affected by the abolition of the 10p Income tax band.

6. We’re going on holiday to a villa in Tuscany.

7. My biggest pleasure in life is going for dinner with friends. A nice dinner, in a good restaurant, with a carefully chosen bottle of wine. And then leaving in good time to get home at a reasonable time as we’ve got to get up early and clean/de-clutter/decorate the house because we want to get it on the market in June as then we can use the capital to put down a decent deposit on a new place because we reckon that being able to put in quick, low offers is the best way forward in a slowing market and anyway we can use the opportunity to try out the commute from Linlithgow/Perth to see if it’s manageable, Debbie’s already raised it with her boss and so she’ll probably be able to work more flexible hours and it won’t be much of a difference to me as I commute from Edinburgh to Glasgow every day anyway.

This is not a complaint. I’m just guilty and thankful at the same time.

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