Monday, November 25, 2013

Another busy Saturday in Perth 
I haven't posted for a while, and was thinking through my options last week when I stumbled on a tweet from the Perth City Centre team looking for bloggers to cover the Perth Chocolate Festival which took place over the weekend. A chocolate-themed, local food event within walking distance of my house on a Saturday? I'm in!

I went along with Mrs F and mini-Mrs F for the morning, and we had a great time. Here's my Google+ gallery from the day:

Thanks to the fantastic local Farmers Market, a thriving local food scene and a great range of local restaurants Perth has a growing reputation as a destination of choice for quality food and drink. It's not too much of a surprise then that the market was heaving with people for all of the time I was there. There was a range of chocolate themed stalls, from the exquisite and handmade chocolates from Iain Burnettt to Wicked Chocolate's 7ft tall chocolate fountain catering from everyone from the coca connoisseur to average Dairy Milk lover.

Perth is a fantastic place to live right now. This weekend's Chocolate Festival was another fantastic addition to the calendar.

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